Met Eireann The more reliable and professional weather forecasting though often lacks detail useful for surfski. It doesn’t often account for the additional effects of hot/ cold driven afternoon winds. It doesn’t account for the influence of local topography on windspeed. It also doesnt account for sea swell and refractory waves.

Safetrx This can be installed. You can share a route to a family member or the Ocean Paddling Group via Whatsapp. Surprisingly useful as while giving an idea of local winds, the 2D dynamic models can give clues regarding secondary swell direction and height.

Windguru good detail but remember can be delayed forecasting unless paid subscriber. This can be an issue with fast moving weather systems. Always verify information with Met Eireann

Magic Seaweed useful for anticipating shore break and tide height.

Tidal Predictions This webpage allows you figure out tide height and using your tidal atlas, tide flow and direction.

VHF courses, Many sailing schools over VHF courses/ licences.

The Irish Sea Kayaking Assoication has many useful links here

Downwindable Downwind Directory

The Paddler Great online surfski news website based in Australia with a great podcast Online chat forum

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