Race Risk Assessment

This is a generic risk assessment format for use by race organisers. It is a template which will be updated.

Race Organiser

Contact details__




Race Poster attach below

Online links

Location and Venue 


Duration of different race classes 

Elite Course 16kms Distance 1hr 20mins approx duration

Main Course 16kms Distance 1 hr 20 mins approx. duration 

Short Course 3/5kms Distance 40 mins approx. duration 

Alternative courses 

12kms Distance 1hr 30 minsapprox. duration 

Distance approx. duration

Shore Contact during race (i.e. for non-finishers,etc.) Name/ Tel no.

Person with competitors contact details, next of kin, etc. Name/ Tel no.

Race Course (google map or chart to be inserted and annotated) SEE ATTACHED MAP

Alternative course(s) (google maps or charts to be inserted and annotated) SEE ATTACHED MAP

Risk Assessment.( for main course)

Risk Identified Risk Minimisation / elimination

1. Possibility of strong wind

Prevailing wind is SW. Outbound course under cliffs with good shelter and visibility. Downwind leg to take advantage of wind.
2. Capsize

All elite competitors must be able to remount.
3. Broken gear/ rudder/ paddle

Two RIB boats will accompany the paddlers.
4. Possibility of fog

Race cancelled. 
5. Possibility of large breaking surf on shore

Elite paddlers may still start from beach or alternative start/ finish will be from pier in Tramore. 
6. Paddler separated from craft

All paddlers must carry mobile phone, event will run on Safetrx, Leg leashes are compulsory
7. Hypothermia 

Paddlers will be advised to wear clothing suitable to conditions/ water temp and their skil level. 

Prevailing Wind


Forecast for day of race (to be completed on day or previous day of race)

Direction Strength

Any mitigating actions to be taken in view of the forecast, (i.e. changing race course, extra safety cover,etc.)

1. Cancellation if significantly adverse

2. We intend to divide paddlers into novice intermediate and elite.

Only intermediate and elite can paddle main course if conditions calm. 

Only elite can paddle the main course if conditions appropriate to national standard downwind. 

Compulsory Gear for each craft and each class.

Sursfski and Ocean ski Paddlers

Sea Kayakers

SUP paddlers

Prone Board Paddlers

Recommended additional gear

3. Novice paddlers can only paddle novice course.


Risk Assessment.( for short course)

Risk Identified Minimisation / elimination

strong wind
Cancellation/ simplified out and back course/ increased safety personell on the water. 
Strong tide
3. Capsize
Multiple experienced paddlers on water. 
Separation from craft
Leg leash compulsory
Broken gear
Multiple experienced paddlers on water


Risk Assessment.( for alternative course(s))

Risk Identified Minimisation / elimination







Safety Cover

Motor boat 1
Boat Type
EngineoutboardAux Power 
Callsign (VHF)Phone No. 
CrewExpPosition during race
Both will be position ‘shotgun’ ie either side of the rear of the group.
Motor boat 2
Boat Type
Engine YesOutboardAux Power 
Callsign (VHF)Phone No.
CrewExpPosition during race
Motor boat 3
Boat TypeEngine YesAux Power 
HelmQualificationCrew 1Experience
Callsign (VHF)Phone No.
CrewExpPosition during race

Kayak Cover (sweeper)

Kayak (type and colour) VHF call signPaddlerPosition during race

Other info
Kayak 1
Kayaker 1
Kayak 2 
Kayak 3 
Kayak 4


Coast Guard Liaison Contact_____

(Contact details of the above liaison person)_______________________

Contact / communication particulars for Coast guard

VHF Channel 16 Phone No. 

Contact person within coastguard ______

TR to be made by________________________________________

TR to be cancelled by_____________________________________

In the event of an emergency / event:

Event organiser

Event organiser contact details

Person responsible for outside communication ______

Contact details for the above__________

Checkpoints at

1.Newtown Cove Person responsible _____________ contact_____

2 Tramore Beach Person responsible ____________ contact_____

3 Metalman Headland Person responsible ____________ contact_____

4. Person responsible _____________ contact_____

At end of race

Competitors checked in by……………

Contact details 

In the event of an emergency. Protocol to be followed:

1. Doctor on site to be informed. 

2. ………………Lifeguards to be informed. 

3. Ambulance to be called if appropriate



In the event of a missing paddler the following protocol to be utilised.

1. Coastguard to be informed.

2 Local RNLI will have been informed of the event also. 




Nearest Hospital / primary care centre …………………….. 

Directions to the above hospital

. Head out of Tramore on main Waterford road. Turn right at first roundabout at outskirts of Waterford. Continue Straight on all subsequent roundabouts which brings you to the front Hospital entrance. 

Contact details for the above hospital switchboard……………

Accident report form (to be filled out in the event of an accident / incident) needs to record the following information

1.Names of parties involved)

2. Contact details of the parties involved

3.Nature of the event

4. Treatment / action taken

5. Follow up action required

The following information also needs to be recorded

Time of the event

Witnesses and their contact details

Weather and light at the time of the event

The account should be signed by the parties involved and the person recording the incident. If any party refrains from signing the account, get them to submit their own signed account. In the event that they do not wish to do this, this refrain should also be recorded and signed by an independent party.

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